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Kathryn Thomas, RDR, CRC, CSR


 Greetings, ILCRA!   It’s certainly been a busy couple of months for your state association, so here’s a quick update.

First, we thank Andrea James for her service on the ILCRA board.  She entered a new phase of life and decided to step down from board service.  We wish her well.

Since the vacancy of Vice President happened between conventions, the board has appointed Deborah Cohen-Rojas as your new Vice President, and she’s done a stellar job so far!  We’ll give you an update on her experiences thus far in the next Ad In.

So now this leaves a vacancy for the office of Treasurer, and we’re in the process of confirming Deborah’s replacement.

Save the date of September 20-22 in Oak Brook at the Doubletree Hotel for our annual convention, themed this year as “Boldly Go!” into technology and the future!  Alan Peacock, RMR, CRC is on deck to be our main presenter. Plus we have Tori Pittman, RDR, FAPR, who will give a demonstration of voice writing and be available for questions.  Our Friday night party will be science-fiction themed, so bring your costume!

Next, one piece of current legislation that we oppose is SB 3396.  This bill would allow the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation not only the option to record their hearings electronically rather than stenographically (they cite cost and the reporter shortage as why they seek this option), but also reduce continuing education requirements for certain professions covered under the IDFPR, including court reporting. (HB 5207, its House counterpart, was entered, but the bill failed.)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of any of us, or my cosmetologist, or my funeral director, or environmental health practitioners being able to say “I’ve learned all I need to know now, thanks.”  Please fill out witness slips in OPPOSITION to SB 3306 at http://www.ilga.gov.  Use the search box on the left to find the bill.

Finally, after much discussion, including dialogue between ILCRA and the Illinois Verbatim Reporters Association (the association of Illinois voice writers) the ILCRA board has decided that we will not give our support to SB 2965 at this time, which is the bill proposing that voice writing be added as a method certified under the Illinois Court Reporters Act.  This does not mean that we OPPOSE it, but there are still questions, first and foremost being: Do our members support this?

So we need to hear from YOU, ILCRA members, what you think.  You will receive an email with a survey very soon. I’ve written up a comprehensive account, plus some of my own thoughts, which will be published in the next Ad Infinitum.  Stay tuned!

2018-2020 ILCRA Board Nominations

Nominations are open for two seats on the ILCRA Board.  Please consider nominating yourself or someone to help lead the ILCRA Board.  The current open seats are for Region Two Freelance and Official Director positions.  For more information, please click HERE. 



As you may know, the Administrative Regulations were updated on July 1, 2017, and are now available on our website for viewing, downloading, and/or printing at the link below (under Resource Documents): 


Additionally, please see the following documents for new regulations and page rates from the state for all officials.

ilcra/data/cms/uploadedfiles/IL Offcials 2017-07-01 Synopsis of Changes .pdf
ilcra/data/cms/uploadedfiles/IL Officials PageRateRevision-2017-07-21.pdf

The Governor of the great state of Illinois signed a proclamation naming February 11-18 the National Court Reporting and Captioning Week.  The proclamation mentions the amazing work reporters and captioners do and the value of our members.



Court Reporters Needed: Job Openings



State of Wisconsin (1/2018) - Official Court Reporters.  Several positions available. Click here for more information.  





Looking for a GREAT CART provider?  

Click the button below for ILCRA members that provide CART services!

Macon County Court Reporters in the News




Members Only Discount Program

Membership does have its privileges, and ILCRA has some great savings for you.  We are always looking to increase value to our members, and we have created an exclusive members only discount program with key vendors for you.  There are HUGE savings and, if used, will more than pay for your ILCRA membership many times over!  We have established discount programs with Office Depot, Pengad, ProCAT and Reporting Solutions. Click Here for your savings, but this is for ILCRA members only. 

Audio Backup Tapes

An ILCRA member contacted us regarding case law dealing with court reporter's audio tapes. For more information, you may contact the ILCRA Board for case law stating the reporter's audio backup tapes are the reporter's personal property to which the public has no entitlement.  NCRA Advisory Opinion No. 38 can be located here. NCRA Advisory Opinion 38

Transworld Systems 

Transworld Systems is a strategic partner with ILCRA and provides diplomatic and effective collections for past due accounts and debt recovery.  Visit their website for more information.

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