ILCRA Distinguished Service Award

It is our pleasure once again to seek nominations for the ILCRA Distinguished Service Award. The purpose of this award is to encourage and recognize work amounting to distinguished service for the benefit of the reporting profession by individual members of ILCRA. That may include work as a member, committee member, officer of the Association, for Ad Infinitum, in state or local association affairs, or public relations.

We are seeking someone who has added to the quality of our profession, improved the manner in which it is perceived by other professionals or the general public, or who has helped our fellow reporters to focus on how they can better meet the demands of technology and the changing judicial system.

Take time now to nominate that special person who deserves recognition

Please attach biographical sketch of person nominated and your reasons for said nomination.
Send your nominations along with supporting material to:

The deadline for nominations is July 10, 2012

Name of Nominee
Nominee Address
Nominated By



Traci Butz (1993)
Sally Cochran (1994)
Diane Dorwart (1995)
Mae Glassbrenner (1996)
Brenda K. Carlen (1997)
Carole A. Bartkowicz (1998)
Patricia S. Byers (1999)
Nancy J. Hopp (2000)
Deb Kriegshauser (2001)
Nancy Davis (2002)
Jerry Wedeking (2003)
Judith A. Lehman (2004)
Gary L. Sonntag (2005)
Dolores (Dee) Doubet (2006)
Seymour L. Wolfe (2007)
Jacqueline M. Timmons (2008)
R. Kent Evans (2009)
Patricia White (2010)
Mary Beth Rollins (2011)